15 July 2009

Adopt Change, Opportunity For Growth

‘We all have big changes in our lives that are more or less a second chance.’ Harrison Ford

Are you a stand for your life and embrace change when necessary or are you glued to living routine indefinitely? Resistance to change diminishes opportunities for growth, creativity, new careers, new relationships the options are endless but closed eyes observe nothing but our present circumstances.

Resisting change is a simple state of mind. Change our mind, we change our attitude, we change our behaviours and the outcomes we achieve are altered. Granted the changes we seek may not be our anticipated outcome, nevertheless without change, nothing new is created, nothing ventured gained. Surely the courage to engage change far outweighs the necessity to remain static and life being uneventful.

So why are we so reluctant to embrace change? Where in our life journey did we come to resent it?

In my early 20’s I was adventurous probably because the thinking process was not consulted. The option of failing, too risky, too scared was off the radar. It was after having a family the security of the comfort zone phased in. In a quest to determine my professional ambitions, venturing out of my comfort zone became a necessity.

Realisation that attachment to specific results, our careers, our relationships irrespective of whether it is working or not, defies the compulsion for change. Clearly our circumstances are signalling disaster, our health deteriorating yet we insist on indulging in the same routine? The obvious answer is that it is unlikely to yield a different result so why do we continue? Change is different it may not necessarily be good but refusal to consider alternatives may be worse. Sadly sometimes peer pressure supports our view to remain the same so we do. Unless we think outside the box, our circumstances and outcomes are exactly the same.

As Harrison Ford suggests, change is an opportunity for a second chance. Embrace it, live it!

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